The Control Plane for Trusted Software Delivery

Build and deliver trusted software faster.

Our vision is to automate trust for Software Supply Chain, helping companies make faster decisions, reduce security risks, achieve compliance, and save time and money. Software releases and audits will take hours rather than weeks.


Chainloop Platform

We help Enterprises build and deliver trusted software faster
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Learn more about Chainloop Open Source, our Metadata Vault for Software Supply Chain, at our GitHub page.

Build Your

Single Pane Of Glass

Create a centralized view of your entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Integrate various CI/CD and DevSecOps services across any cloud or platform. Consolidate software delivery metrics in one dashboard to simplify oversight and minimize distractions.

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Get Context With

Chainloop Trust Hub

Chainloop helps you better understand your software development process by creating a single source of truth for all your supply chain events and metadata. You can link essential data points like team information, pipelines, and manual or automated workflows to get a complete picture of the process. Chainloop enables you to democratize this information in your organization so you can make better decisions. For example, you can confidently block a software artifact to ensure compliance or security.

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Effortlessly implement control gates and raise security or compliance exceptions to the entire organization. Empower teams to confidently enforce security and compliance measures.

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Your Software Delivery

Enable visibility into your software supply chain by implementing monitoring, alerting, and SLOs.

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Where they are

We offer native integrations with multiple CI/CD and SCM platforms like GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, Dagger, and more. With Chainloop, developers get a jargon-free process to comply with the SecOps team's requirements. No need to learn in-toto, signing, SLSA, OCI, APIs, credentials, nada :)

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Ready Features

Chainloop’s was born with Enterprise features in mind. From customizable Federated content addressable store to Role Base Access Control or Single Sign On.   

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in a Box

Supply Chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) defines standards and controls to prevent tampering and improve the integrity of your Software Supply Chain. With Chainloop, you can reach SLSA v1.0 Build Level 2 by leveraging your own content addressable storage, the Sigstore suite, and the in-toto attestation format.

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Declarative and Versioned


Operators have full control over what metadata must be received as part of the attestation and the environment where these workflows must be executed. This enables an easy and maintainable way of propagating and enforcing requirements downstream to your organization.

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Trusted Software Supply Chain

Metadata Vault

Chainloop’s Open Source Metadata Vault allows you to easily collect, attest, sign, and distribute your Software Supply Chain metadata, SBOMs, VEX, SARIF files, QA reports, and more.

With Chainloop, SecOps teams can, for each step in their SDLC, declare and enforce what pieces of evidence must be collected and what to do with them by leveraging third-party integrations such as Dependency-Track for SBOM analysis or a blob storage/OCI registry.

On the other hand, developer teams do not need to become security experts. The attestation crafting tool will guide them with guardrails and a familiar developer experience.

Basic graph explaining how chainloop works

You can think of Chainloop as an API for your organization’s Software Supply Chain that both development and SecOps teams can use to interact effectively.

That way SecOps teams now have control over their organization’s Software Supply Chain security compliance, observability and standardization implementation efforts.

Growing Number Of


Chainloop offers a pluggable integrations framework that operators can use to extend Chainloop functionality by setting up third-party integrations on your attestation metadata. Integrations can range from notifications via a Slack message, storing the attestation to an AWS S3 blob storage, or sending a Software Bill Of Materials (SBOMs) to a third-party service, such as Guac or Dependency-Track.

List of chainloop integrations


Your Cloud

Chainloop is cloud agnostic. We simplify deployment on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with support for multiple cloud managed services.

Use Cases


Gain comprehensive visibility
across all your workflows.


Automate compliance with our declarative contracts.


Collaborate seamlessly with all your teams
on software delivery.


Gather and centralize software supply chain metadata and pieces of evidence for SOC 2.


Operationalize SBOMs software bill of materials.


Consume Open Source in a trustworthy way.


Simplify vulnerability management for enhanced security.

Control Gates

Establish control gates and connect automated and human-driven processes.

Frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, Get in touch!
Is Chainloop Open Source?

Yes, Chainloop source code has been Open Sourced and can be found here! 🎉

Can I run my own instance of Chainloop end to end?

Yes, please refer to this guide.

I am using neither GitHub Actions nor GitLab, can I still use Chainloop?

Yes, Chainloop is runner agnostic, which means that you can run the attestation anywhere, including your laptop! That said, there are benefits for using one of our supported runner types. We plan on supporting more CI vendors so your is not supported yet, please contact us with your preference and we will get back to you.

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