Welcoming our founding engineering team

At Bitnami and then VMware, I was lucky to be part of a best-in-class team of builders working on one of the most challenging and advanced pieces of software supply chain automation. Our systems kept the Bitnami/VMware catalog of applications up to date, secure, and in front of millions of developers.

At the same time, the industry was raising the bar on Software Supply Chain Security and Compliance, exposing a mist of new challenges that companies needed to face to keep building and delivering software with higher levels of assurance.

I believed that metadata-driven automation was the foundational answer to those challenges, and that was the birth of Chainloop.

But the plan was never to be a one-person journey. I wanted to share the early stages with highly technical, knowledgeable, and experienced builders. Then, shortly after, Daniel joined, the perfect complementary co-founder, and with him, that incredible feeling when 'I' becomes 'we' :)

Here we are, a pair of builders, passionate about Software Supply Chain Automation, running on all cylinders and pushing Chainloop forward on many fronts, from open-sourcing Chainloop Metadata Vault and joining OpenSSF, building the Chainloop platform, and, more importantly, talking to our partners and users.

Chainloop's Next Milestone

But vertical scaling can only take you so far, and today, we are happy to announce Chainloop’s next milestone, the formation of our Founding Engineering with the addition of Javier Rodriguez and Jose Paris!

Javi and Jose are not strangers to us. We have worked together for years. They have depth and breadth of experience in Software Supply Chain Automation and content generation (secure container images, …). Not only are they excellent engineers, but they are exceptional builders and team players. 

We couldn’t be more excited about having them on board to create the foundation of the core engineering team. Together, we’ll take Chainloop to the next level and fulfill our mission of helping companies deliver trusted software faster. 

Here we are, full circle, solving problems we’ve worked on before in a space we are passionate about. And we are just getting started, if our mission resonates with you, you are a builder who wants to have an impact and is passionate about automation. Let’s talk!

Please join me in welcoming Jose and Javi to the team!